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How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA


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hey friends welcome to China coaching Rob here with my friend leche do you happen to have a lot of questions about health insurance in America especially for students stay tuned all right guys I’m with my friend last year and he’s gonna talk a lot about health medical insurance for international students there’s a lot of misunderstandings a lot of problems that people face so we’re gonna try and resolve all those doubts that you guys have today mm-hmm if you’re new to China coaching we love helping international students be successful in America we want to cross and bridge cultures

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here so please subscribe hit that Bell icon so you get notified on more great content that’s gonna come your way and connect with us online with other social media platforms so we can help each other out no ash why is it important for us to talk about health insurance so let’s talk about health insurance one of the important topics need to be talked but it’s not talked and a lot of international students don’t have much information on it it’s only when you hit some injury or you have to visit all a doctor and then you get a big belly from your doctor then you realize okay that’s important topic why the health insurance is important in the u.s. it doesn’t work like your kind home country maybe in India the medical system is really too different in u.s. medical costs are really really high what are How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA

you expensive way too expensive so I can give an example say you have to visit say a pie expert in India in a decent Hospital the consultation cost will be around 300 to 600 rupees in u.s. if you have to visit our expert first thing is you don’t get an appointment like immediately tomorrow you have to wait some days because doctors are less population is higher second thing the consultation charge will be somewhere around $300 to $600 depending on that doctor so you can do the math just to see your eye doctor for a small thing for your eye you have to pay say $300 and $300 will cover your rent for one month so that’s the manse so it’s very important for every student coming in us to know about u.s. medical system and the health insurance and everyone has to have it here it has to have so something really important it’s not like you can just go pay out of pocket all right we’re in other a lot of other countries on the world it’s either free or very afford it’s not like that in America a lot of things about insurance or mandatory either by the university or by the government and that’s always changing yeah which is even harder to follow but even the colleges have regulations and with health insurance for students yeah How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA

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let’s despite the differences in the importance of health insurance what are maybe some of the mistakes that students make here with the health or medical insurance lot of universities it’s compulsory to have their insurance but then universities are allowed waiver if you have some other insurance okay so there are a lot of cheap insurance which basically charge you very less premium there’s sold by a lot of vendors lot of websites a lot of companies but then people don’t a student don’t go and see their benefits they don’t compare the plans they just see okay my University insurance cost me $2,000 a year and some XYZ insurance cost me just $400 a year so okay let’s go I’ll go for the $400 insurance but then how less premium you have less benefits there are no conditions and nobody can sense that another thing is it’s not that you meet an accident deal right so you don’t need a insurance deal it may happen only once and you should be ready to cover your risk and that’s what you pay for that covering the risk okay so if you hit the accident and you don’t have good insurance or you don’t have any insurance at all you gonna get like robbed by that hospital or not that’s for sure and in the u.s. I didn’t find much government hospitals or government help hospitals How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA

where even if you are dying you get all the service for free it happens in India you have a very cheap government hospital and they pay they give you the decent services and you pay very less but that doesn’t happen in the US no ash do you have any examples or crazy stories of how people have faced this health insurance issues with sickness or injuries or I know you’ve probably got many order a couple help people understand so I have one one funny story it’s not funny for that guy who paid like five thousand dollars so one of her friends of my friend hehe had a teeth injury or I guess it was a DK okay and he didn’t have a dental insurance people suggested him you know take a week off Bubu India he was a offseason so you would have got a very cheap ticket and then get it treated so he didn’t do that he just postponed it given by the dental insurance okay so later on his DK become worsen and he was not able to bear the pain so he had to go to the dental hospital to get his tooth removed surgically and it cost him around I guess the whole treatment along with a tooth extraction on the medicines and everything it cost him around $4,500 Wow and finally we say you can replace your whole jaw in India with that amount and that’s true so How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA

here is list of insurance plan in the USA

he didn’t have insurance and he paid that much price so is there anything that people should consider doing before they come fahan study in terms of health and medical wise to save money North America one of the important thing is went from India make sure you do your all health check-ups if you have any previous conditions if you have any ongoing conditions you identify them in India so your Indian doctor can you know suggest your treatment plan you should be aware of that consider like you don’t know that your blood sugar is high and you come to us and suddenly with a blood test you realize your blood sugar is high you are in a shock we are in a different country on a tight budget and then you are in a shop so important thing is getting your all the hands our cups done in India getting your dental checkups done in India any treatment any procedure you have to do on yourself on your dental things make sure you do it in India so this way you can save some money second thing is you know that you know your health very pan so if you need any medicines especially a prescription medicines or over-the-counter medicines no celebrities windows – How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA

best insurance plan in the USA

the good question again so prescription medicines are basically those which cannot be sold you without a prescription of doctor and in India a lot of chemists they sell it without the prescription but it never happens in your side brain it’s very structure very strict here so you will need to have a prescription and to get a prescription you have to visit a doctor and you have to take more concerning charge so and another thing over-the-counter medicines are those which do not need any prescription you can buy it in a small pharmacy or grocery store maybe yeah so this is the difference so make sure whatever over-the-counter or prescription medicines you want you get them from India and along with those medicines you should have the latest prescription coffee from your doctor so if you get stopped at the airport you can show that to the authorities saying you know these are your regular medicines you need them and they will allow you to carry unless those are banned in doing so you have to do that study as well couple of medicines may be available in your home country but they may be banned in u.s. you can’t take them in so these are the tips just like you do before coming

here what are some of the key terms or words or terminology that are used in the health insurance herein America that students need to learn and what they mean so that some different key terms and terminology used in the US health insurance system and you need to know them and their meaning before you compare the plans and you decide which insurance you want to take so first thing is little people think like you may think like you pay for the insurance and you get the insurance you don’t have to pay a single rupee to your doctor or single dollar to a doctor that doesn’t happen it’s not free yeah so we don’t have everything free even if you are having like a high paying plan so deductible is that amount you have to pay to your doctor before your insurance cover gets kicked in so say your university plan have a deductible of $300 and you happen to visit a doctor and he charges you a hundred dollars insurance is not gonna pay a single dime for that unless you’re $300 spending is completed within that period so that first term second term is lifetime or the ele maximum limit lot of insurance How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA

How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA

they have or upper limit on the maximum limit that insurance can pay and a lot of good insurance provider they have no limit so it depends on your need and your requirement third thing is the copay so lot of time it happens that when you visit a doctor your frequent visits or you visit a primary provider or a specialist you have to pay certain amount along with the amount of insurance for a P so say I visit a specialist I have to pay $40 as a coupe it that amount depends on a plan and then remaining consultation charge or amount will be paid by your insurance to that particular provider one of the again important things is premium so how much premium you pay whether that premium is paid monthly or yearly there might be a discount when you paid one-time yearly that’s an important factor to check when nothing is out-of-pocket expenses so lot of good insurance will have a upper limit on out-of-pocket expenses so what is out-of-pocket expenses say I visit a doctor some of my bill is not covered by insurance and then I play that out of my pocket as cash so that is considered out of pocket so say I mean a big recovery or I mean a big hospital and a lot of things I have to pay out of my pocket so my insurance me how out of pocket limit of $5,000 if I cross that limit nothing How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA

best insurance plan in America

which is from that bill will have to pay it by me and everything will be covered by my insurance this is one of the important things if you are facing some critical health conditions so these are few important terms you should understand before you compare the insurance benefits on the company and I’ve heard a lot of bad stories about my student friends who had sickness health problems injuries but didn’t get them treated right away because they were scared of the cost yeah they didn’t know how the insurance would work and they didn’t get quick treatment and things got worse or you know so yeah it’s so important to know these things yeah know what your options are know what you can do so you’re not scared yeah that’s the biggest thing is you don’t have to be scared and you should be able to take care of yourself and be healthy that you’re studying and working here in America if prints thanks for joining us in this video being smallish hope you learned so much about how health insurance works really navigate this complicated thing it’s got to be sure all the questions advice please be sure to watch our second video about what to do and how to prepare to know about your health insurance before going to the doctor and how somehow to save money and reduce the cost of health insurance expenses here in America so be sure to watch that second video with unlatched on health insurance and best of luck we want to see you guys succeed here in America thanks so much for joining us in shine coaching Cheers friends How Health Insurance Works In America | Medical Insurance For International Students Best Insurance In The USA



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